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Welcome to Cesar's Restoration

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Close your eyes and envision your dream car. Here at Cesar's Restoration we specialize in making your dream cars become reality. No matter the year, make or model. Whether you want a complete or partial restoration, repairs or upgrades, original or reproduction, street or performance, show car or daily driver Cesar's Restoration will help you achieve your goals.

  • Experienced Personnel
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Service Domestic and Foreign Models
  • Over 30 years servicing Los Angeles

Auto Repair & Classic Car Restoration

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Classic car aficionados pride themselves in car restoration of vehicles built from steel. Remember the smell of gas permeating the floorboard and the muffler screaming to breath, as the straight six small block engine rattled the car from side to side?

Let’s face it, we can’t walk into a car dealership, plop down $40,000 and place an order for 69’ Chevy Camaro.  Boy do I wish I could though. My guess is two things will happen. One, the salesperson will dismiss your request and push a newer Chevy Camaro. Two, they’ll show you the latest Chevy Chevelle. Truth be told, nothing compares to a muscle cars.

Our Services Include:

Engine Oil and Filter Changes (Appointment)
Performance Tune Ups (Includes: Spark Plugs, Air Filters, Fuel Injector Cleaning
Compression Checks, Timing Checks, Vacuum Check, Vacuum Leaks Checks, Fuel Pressure Check.
Bumper to Bumper Vehicle Inspections
Check Engine Light Reading, Diagnostics and Repair.
Brake Service, Adjustment and Repair.
Electrical Diagnostics and Repair.
Steering and Suspension.

Engine Compartment Steam Cleaning.
Oil Leak Pinpointing and Repair
Emission Control Systems Check and Repair.
Exhaust Leak Check and Repair.
A/C Replenishing.
Misfire Diagnostics and Repair.
Engine Stumble Diagnostics and Repair.
Low Fuel Mileage Diagnostics and Repiar.
Sensor Testing, Repair and Replacement.

Estamos Localizados:

6734 Reseda Blvd #1s
Reseda, CA 91335

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  • Phone: 818-510-1470
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  • Hablamos Español.